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program overview

The 2011 Food Justice Conference shared research from a wide range of disciplines and connected Oregon food and agriculture communities to national and international groups. The program examined the tensions between food justice and sustainability; addressed regional movements and social networks that have sought to transform the food system; and considered the particular roles of women, indigenous groups and youth in the history and future of farming. Participants included national policymakers, nonprofit leaders, farmers and artists as well as scholars in anthropology, literary and cultural studies, law, ethics, environmental studies, plant genetics, soil sciences, geography, sociology, agriculture, marine biology, and visual art.


The plenary speakers were activist and writer Dr. Vandana Shiva and organic agriculture leader Fred Kirschenmann. The program also featured a discussion with the founding editor of Gastronomica, Darra Goldstein, a dialogue on the field of food studies, a keynote science panel, and a roundtable with nationally recognized food and agriculture leaders. The conference also showcased an art exhibition and food justice fair with nonprofit organizations, community groups, chefs and farmers.

Key Sponsors

  • The Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics
  • University of Oregon Office of the President
  • University of Oregon Office of the Provost
  • University of Oregon College of Arts and Sciences
  • Oregon Humanities Center
  • University of Oregon English Department
  • University of Oregon Environmental Studies Program

Panel discussion: "What is food justice?"

Images in gallery courtesy of Barron Bixler